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    Fill out a simple form in under 30 seconds and submit for a quick review.

  • Receive

    Your loan will be delivered to your bank account within just minutes of approval

  • Repay

    Repay with your mobile money account. Make timely repayments to unlock larger loans.

  • Real-Time Approval

    Our Aadhaar and mobile based credit scoring technology evaluate an applicant’s credit worthiness and generates personalized loan offers within minutes of downloading App.

  • Everything In Your Pocket

    Within our platform, view loan status, get reminders and track payments. Integrated with UPI and payment gateways, making or receiving payment is instant and simple.

  • Grow As You Go

    Our terms makes repayment easier than ever. By making timely repayments, fees decrease, and you will be eligible to access greater loans with more flexible terms.

  • Fully Secure Platform

    We take out the difficulties of getting an loan by utilizing the information on your mobile to make a financial assessment. We encrypt the data you share with us to protect your privacy.

Our Mission

Financial services to the mobile generation

Nearly half of the Indian population does not have access to quality financial services. We are committed to increasing financial inclusion because we believe everyone deserves the ability to pursue more in life.

Today, everyone has a smartphone - making the world dynamic and faster also smaller place to live. So why not take advantage of that to get the financing you need faster?

RuPie is a for-profit socially conscious FinTech company, offers a micro credits entirely from mobile phone and make lending decisions based on machine-learning techniques. We use technology to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering financial services. RuPie is like having your very own bank in your pocket, there for you at all times.

RuPie CashPoint

Make your cash work harder for you!

Earn extra cash by becoming a RuPie Cash Point Partner. If you own a neighborhood shop, then this feature allows you to make some extra money, whilst also attracting new customers through your doors.

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Meet our Co-Founders

Team 1

Nayan Ambali (CEO)

Nayan Ambali is the CEO of RuPe and a co-founder. As CEO he is responsible for strategic decisions and overall direction of the company, he also manages partnership relations. Nayan brings total 12 years of banking and financial experience and specially around 8 years of rich experience in financial inclusion.

Team 2

Ramesh Chincholi (COO)

Ramesh is RuPie’s Chief Operating Officer and is responsible end-to-end management of loan portfolio. Prior to RuPie, Ramesh worked as operational head at HomeTriangle, managing around 500 service providers. Ramesh also worked with Yodlee, Redwood and played key role in building personal finance managment platform.

Team 2

Dhirendra Pratap (CTO)

Dhiru is the technical architect of RuPie's tech stack. Previose to RuPie he worked with Arcot building 3D security and fraud detection for card payments then he moved to Komli Media, worked on digital foot print analysis and big data. Dhiru earned a Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Madras, where he was a college football team player.

Meet our Advisors

Team 1

Ganesh Rao

Executive Director and CEO at NOCPL
Team 1

Amit Jain

Executive Director at Digamber Finance
Team 2

Edward Cable

Co-Founder & Director at Mifos Initiative
Team 2

Samit Shetty

Director at chaitanya India Micro Finance

Funding People's Aspirations

RuPie is always in your corner, helping you to plan for your future, start a business of your own, or get some breathing space when times get tough.

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Our Partners

Chethana Finance

Chetana Financial Services Limited is Karnataka based NBFC serving in interior Karnataka and catering financial needs of individual segment and provinding working capital loans for SME and MSME segment. At present serving (to know more, click here )


RBL Bank is one of India’s fastest growing private sector banks with an expanding presence across the country. It currently services over two million customers through a network of 237 branches. RBL Bank has been recognised by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Global Growth Company’ (GCC). (know more)

Digamber Capfin

Digamber Capfin Limited is the Rajasthan’s first regulated NBFC-MFI. Providing financial and support services to the marginalized sections in society, particularly to poor rural and urban women with social values includeing poverty alleviation and the broader impact of improving livelihood opportunities. ( know more )

What our customers say about RuPie

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  • 304, 7th Main Rd, HRBR Layout
  • Bangalore - 560043
  • +91 92060 70518